Give your callers

A warm welcome with

Business Introduction

Play a professional message to callers using the Business Introduction service. Callers will hear a short message, such as ‘Thank you for calling – we’ll be with you shortly’. If the call will be recorded, the Business Introduction also provides an opportunity to alert the caller of the recording. Start-ups or other businesses with a small number of staff and limited resources can use a Business Introduction to direct customers to a more effective avenue for their enquiries. A Business Introduction can also be an effective option for web-based businesses that wish to direct customers to their website.

Business Introductions may also be used to share important business information, like opening hours and a website address, before directing callers to a staff member or voicemail option.

You can record your own messages, or use our Professional Recording service to record your messages, Voice Menus as well as any other messages (for use on your phone system such as messages on hold).