Why 1300 numbers

For a Consultancy Company

Consultancy firms will maintain a high level of professionalism and deliver high quality customer support with easyinbound products and services.

A Professional Presence

easyinbound provides phone numbers and call services to match the professionalism of a consultancy firm. Clients can be directed to the appropriate department or office location by simply calling a 1300 number or selecting an easy call option with products like State-Based Routing and Interactive Voice Response.


Stay in touch outside the office, and only when you wish to be available. Consultants can direct incoming calls to two separate numbers to help avoid missed conversations using Simultaneous Ring. Or send customers to a Live Answer service when you wish to avoid incoming calls during an important engagement but still wish to direct callers to a person.

Responsive to Clients

Remain responsive to clients with call routing services from easyinbound. Direct calls to mobile staff members with Simultaneous Ring, a Live Answering service  or a voicemail to email option during predetermined times and days of the week. Call routing settings can be easily changed using the easyinbound mobile site.

Recommended Products and Services

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