Getting a 1800 Number from
easyinbound is… easy!

Step 1. Select your 1800 Number

1800 Number Once-Off Setup Fee: $25
1800 Number Monthly Fee: $10

You can have as many easyinbound 1800 Numbers on your account as you like. All 1800 Numbers on your account access the included Call Pack minutes, when you add a Call Pack to get access to our volume discount call rates.

Choose your add-on Call Pack:

Choose where you would like to answer your calls

Please review our:

Critical Information Summary
Additional Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Calls in excess of, or without a call pack are $0.15/min to Australian Landlines, or $0.21/min to Australian Mobiles.
All pricing is in $AUD and excludes GST.

*Number of calls included is to be used as a guide only, and is based on a call length of 2.4 minutes per call.

Moves, Adds/Setup and Changes for each number

What do Moves/Adds or Changes cost ?

Portal changes that are initiated and completely finalised by the customers represetaive online are at no additional charge.

Simple changes initiated or finalised over the telephone are $14.95 per change.  Complex changes are an additional $11 per change.

What Moves/Adds or Changes are Simple or Complex?

Remember that where possible we want to enable you to make your own changes through our portal, but some moves, changes or additions due to their complexity can’t be made in our online portal and need to be made by our customer care team.  We try and keep our prices low by allowing you to self service and unfortunatly we need to charge when our team need are involved.

To keep things easy all moves, adds or changes per number are classified by us as Simple, except those that we will warn you otherwise.

What about Bulk Changes?

If you ask us to change significant numbers of services to the same configuration at the one time then we may provide you with a Bulk Simple or Bulk Complex Change rate.    Please contact us with the change that is required and we will provide a speedy quote by email before commencing the work as we cannot provide the rate after the work is initiated.

Other Administration Fees

Direct Debit Dishonour Fee$12
Late Payment Fee$15
Port-Out per number (Within 12 months of activation)$40, otherwise free after 12 months.
Service re-connection after suspension or cancellation$25.95
After Business Hours Work $60 plus $15 per 15 minutes or part thereof.

All fees displayed are ex-gst.