Why 1300 numbers

For Established Businesses

An established business will benefit from easyinbound services because we provide flexible solutions that can scale to the needs of an organisation.

Solutions for Today’s Technology

Incoming calls can be routed according to either the needs of the caller or of the business. For example, calls can be rerouted based on the customer’s location using State Based Routing, or based on the location of staff members during a particular time of day or day of the week using Time Based Routing.

Web-based faxing also removes many of the costs and inconveniences of fax machines. Send faxes over the web, keep an electronic record of all incoming and outgoing faxes, and send incoming faxes to multiple staff members instantly.

Proven Return on Investment

Track the effectiveness of advertising by using separate phone numbers for each medium. Measure the number of incoming calls in response to a local newspaper ad, a website or a print advertisement. Use the data to allocate future marketing investment in the most effective advertising area.

Manage Staff Effectively

Use easyinbound products and services to better manage staff schedules and time in the office. Products like Business Introduction and Interactive Voice Response allow customers to find valuable information, such as store locations and hours, without making a staff member answer the phone call. These services also provide the option of quickly and easily speaking with an employee if needed.

High Quality Customer Support

Go above and beyond customer expectations by providing a high level of customer support at all times. easyinbound services like Live Answer, Call Queuing, Interactive Voice Response and Call Routing make it easy to improve customer satisfaction. Reduce call wait times, avoid voicemail and always send customers to the right department or business location using simple and straightforward call solutions that can be modified according to current requirements.

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