Stop repeating yourself

With Recorded Voice Announcements

A Recorded Voice Announcement (RVA) is a recorded message that is played to an incoming caller; the call will then end. easyinbound clients can record and send us their own message for use as a Recorded Voice Announcement. An RVA is similar to a Voicemail, but it prevents the caller from leaving a message.

Benefits of Recorded Voice Announcements

Recorded Voice Announcements can be used for a number of reasons, including:

  • Informing customers about a new telephone number.
  • Listing store hours, directions or other information. This is particularly useful when used with and IVR menu; for example, “Press 3 for our opening hours and directions.”
  • Announcing the winners of a contest.
  • Sharing a message when an office is closed or it is after hours, but preventing the caller from leaving a voicemail.