Why 1300 numbers

For Customer Support

Customer support should be a central concern for any business. easyinbound allows a business of any size to provide a top level of customer service based on their location, their customer base and staff schedules.

Fast, Effective Answers

Send the customer to the right store location, department or staff member – and do it quickly and easily. Services like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and State-Based Routing help an organisation put the caller in the right place, right away.

Reduce Customer Frustration

Organisations with a large number of incoming customer calls can benefit from the practices of a large call centre with products from easyinbound. Keep customers away from voicemail and busy signals by using products and services like Simultaneous Ring, Call Overflow and Call Queuing.

Track and Improve Performance

Review the performance of staff members by using Call Recording. Record both the customer and staff member to evaluate employee performance and to improve your customer service offering.

Recommended Products and Services

Call Queuing

Call Recording

Call Overflow

Interactive Voice Response Menu

Simultaneous Ring