Give Your Business a Voice With Our 

Professional Voice Recording

Add a new level of professionalism to a business by requesting a professional voice recording for any phone menu item or message recording. Voice recordings are completed by a trained voice artist and can be personalised to suit a particular style or message, such as a long pause or particular pronunciation of a company name or any type of business lingo.

A professional voice recording can be used with any of our Routing Options, an Interactive Voice Response, a Recorded Voice Announcement or a Voicemail message.


  • Present clear, consistent and error-free recordings by using a trained voice artist with your 1300 number.
  • Appear to be a professional and large business by adding professional voice recordings to telephone interactions with customers.
  • Easily retrieve voice recordings, which are sent as audio files, and use them in other areas like presentations or in a software product.

Listen to a selection of our Voice Artists.

Click on some of the samples below of a small selection of some of our voice artists work – some are advertising copy and the others are phone messages – our artists are versatile!

Female Voices

Artist 1 – Sarah

Artist 2 – Megan

Artist 3 – Anna

Artist 4 – Jayne

Male Voices

Artist 1 – Rob

Artist 2 – Matthew

Artist 3 – Paul

Artist 4 – James

Music Tracks


Motivating Business


Experience It

Trail Finder

City Lights

Above the Clouds


Green Earth

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