Why 1300 numbers

For Marketers

easyinbound products and services make it simple to retrieve important information about customers and your organisation and to then develop your marketing strategy. Deliver top customer support and constantly improve your performance.

Information to Improve Investments

easyinbound 1300 numbers allow a business to track separate advertising media, such as newspaper advertisements, letter box drops, print advertisements and web-based media. Use a different number for each medium and track the success of the marketing avenue. Using this information, re-allocate  your marketing budget to the most effective advertising areas and make the most of your investment.

Leads and Business Opportunities

Never miss an important call or business opportunity with one of our many call routing and telephone system solutions. Calls can be forwarded to a secondary mobile number or landline with Time of Day Routing and Day of Week Routing, or a call can be pushed to two separate lines at the same time in order to ensure someone is available to speak to a customer using Simultaneous Ringing.

Customer Service First

Deliver excellent communications by connecting  the caller to the right place as soon as possible. State-based routing and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu direct customers to the most appropriate person or office, leading to more satisfied callers and more effective phone calls for your staff.

Recommended Products and Services

Day of Week Call Routing

Interactive Voice Menu (IVR)

Simultaneous Ringing

State Based Call Routing

Time of Day Call Routing