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Australian Telecommunication Needs

Products and Services with Results

The technology behind easyinbound products and services allows your business to stay connected from any location. Never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer again!

A Partner in Business

easyinbound provides excellent support for our products and services. Contact us at any time to inquire about our products.

We’re Easy to Understand

At easyinbound, we want each step to be straightforward, from the explanation of our services to the connection of your phone service to the ongoing use of our products.

We’re Professional and Knowledgeable

Our staff know their stuff, and we’ll help you understand the technical details that we’ve spent so much time learning backwards and forwards.

We’re Real!

We are a member of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) as every 1300 provider must be (even though some aren’t) – and we also have Network Operations monitoring our services, equipment and systems 24×7.

Our privately owned network equipment and telecommunications switches are located in Melbourne DC  with 100% UPS coverage, backup generators and mantraps, alternate data and internet links to ensure that our equipment powering your services are located in the best possible facilities.

We use only carrier-grade, direct ethernet connections to multiple upstream voice carriers and partners, combined with a deep inspection voice quality monitoring package to ensure the highest voice quality is maintained at all times.  We do not use over-the-internet or peering network VoIP connections.  We use the same system for our phones that our customers use, and quality is important to us too!

Based in Victoria, Australia

When you call easyinbound, we’ll answer your call in our South Yarra, Victoria office. The team members you speak to are the very same people who will assist you step by step from your initial sales enquiry to the more complex configurations of your inbound services.