What is the cost to call a 1300 number?

The cost to call a 1300 number depends on where you are calling from, and what your carrier charges you to call a 1300 number.

When dialling from a standard fixed telephone service, a call to a 1300 number will be charged at a fixed rate determined by the callers carrier and the agreement between the caller and the callers carrier.

Long distance or STD calls made to 1300 numbers are generally charged at an untimed or fixed rate no matter how long the call lasts. Mobiles are usually charged at a timed rate.

If your callers have any queries about the cost of calling your 1300 number, you should advise them to contact their carrier to confirm the rates.

Do I have to change my PABX to have a 1300 number?

You will not have to make any changes to your PABX to own a 1300 number. A 1300 number simply directs inbound calls for the 1300 number to your existing telephone numbers.

Your callers can still dial both your existing landline and your 1300 number.

You can even have multiple 1300 numbers directing calls to a single telephone number, or we can set it up to ring a list of your telephone numbers simultaneously, or one after the other and many, many more options that best suit your specific requirements.

We welcome you to call us on 1300 887 862 to discuss your specific requirements.

Aren’t 1300 Numbers only for Big Business?

Absolutely not! If you want to compete with big business, then a 1300 number is for you. They are affordable, and provide the insights in to your callers that you can’t get with a standard landline or mobile phone.

What happens to my 1300 number if I move offices?

One of the greatest features of a 1300 number is that you’ll never have to change it when you move offices.

We can assist you during your office move by diverting your 1300 number to mobile phones or to our Virtual Receptionist operators while you perform the relocation works. Once you are settled in to your new office, we simply divert the calls to your new office phone number.

How does a 1300 number work?

A 1300 number is a virtual telephone number. It seamlessly re-directs calls to your telephone numbers based on the rules and configuration we help you set.

The rules and configuration items can even add to your professional business image with functionality that your existing telephones may not support such as Call Recording, a professional Business Greeting Voice Over, Voicemail to Email, or you can even have your phones answered by our Virtual Receptionist operators if you are busy.

The best thing about a 1300 number being virtual is that you won’t require any equipment other than a Landline, Mobile, VoIP, Skype or even an international telephone number to re-direct the calls to.

What is different about a 1300 versus a 1800 number?

A 1300 number provides callers from a standard fixed line telephone service with a fixed or untimed rate from anywhere in Australia, while a 1800 number provides callers from a standard fixed line telephone service with free calls from anywhere in Australia.

Calls to both types of numbers generally attract a timed rate from Mobile and other non-fixed services that is set by the callers carrier (It’s best that the caller checks with the carrier to confirm all rates as they can vary).

Why are easybound plans different to most providers?

It’s all in our name, EASY!

We identified that many 1300 number plans on the market today must be confusing for customers, so we innovated.

Other providers will charge you an inbound Local Rate if a caller calls from a landline AND is in the same local area as your telephone number, a National Rate for callers who aren’t considered Local to you, then a different rate if the caller calls you from a Mobile service, and then a different rate again depending on where you answer the phone, and then there’s different rates again for calls that come in from overseas!

We said: “Too Hard! Let’s make it Easy for our customers”.

easyinbound will charge you a single rate for answering inbound calls from inside Australia on your fixed landline, and a single rate for answering inbound calls from inside Australia on your mobile. There are different rates for calls that come in from overseas, however you’ll find that we are very competitive on international rates.

So, we’ll charge you some Easy to understand rates as seen on our Products and Pricing page and our Critical Information Summaries (As seen on our Pricing and Online Signup pages) where we outline ALL of the fees and charges you can expect from us. No hidden costs, no fine print.

I purchased a SmartNumber or phone word. What Now?

Congratulations on purchasing your very own Smart Number! A Smart Number is an effective method of helping people remember your phone number by using phone words.

You need a carrier to host your Smart Number, and to do that you need to supply us with your “ROUPIN” number that you can generate on the smartnumbers.com.au website (Don’t worry – we’ll help you get the ROUPIN).

Do Smart Numbers work with all phones?

Every phone system is configured differently. Some allow a concept called ‘over-dial’ where you can dial more digits than are actually in the phone number and the extra digits on the end are simply ignored.

For example, if you wanted to dial 1300 123 123 4, the digit 4 would simply be ignored and the number 1300 123 123 would be dialled as normal. 1300 132 123 is the usual length of a 1300 number which is 1300 plus 6 digits.

Other phone systems will not allow this and the call may not be connected properly.

So, when searching for a Phone Word or Smart Number, it’s best if you ensure that the length is no longer than 1300 plus six digits.

How do I avoid a ‘bill shock’ ?

1300 and 1800 numbers are not expensive to use.

They are an invaluable marketing tool, and when used correctly you should easily be able to measure the return on investment by keeping an eye on where your calls are coming from, and ensuring your calls are answered by a human (who could be your staff or our Virtual Receptionist operators) which we hope will assist you in increasing your customer satisfaction and ultimately your conversion rates.

We’ll also warn you when your bill amount nears pre-defined values, and you can keep an eye on your current spend in near real-time through our Customer Portal which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does easyinbound have an online customer service portal?

Yes we do, and you can use it to track your account, view your invoices and track your calls in near realtime plus many, many other tools and features.

We’re always adding new and innovative products and refining our customer portal, so be sure to check in regularly and see what new features we’ve added that might be of benefit to your business.

Will easyinbound lock me in to a long term contract?

No! Most of our standard products and services do not attract any long term contracts.

We firmly believe that if we provide innovative, quality services at competitive prices and then back it up with industry leading customer care, our customers will have no reason to leave us.

We put faith in the services we supply, and we use them for our office too!

How long will it take to activate my new 1300 or 1800 number?

If you choose from one of the available numbers on our online sign-up system, we’ll activate the number on the very same day you sign up online!

Can I transfer my 1300 number to easyinbound?

If you already have a 1300 or 1800 number with another provider, that’s fine. You can ‘port’ or transfer the number to easyinbound and host it on our network if you wish. You do not have to change your inbound number, and we’ll look after the process for you.

To port your number to easyinbound, you simply need to ask your existing provider for their ‘Wholesale Porting Account Number’ for each of your inbound numbers.

We will use this number to complete the port from your existing provider to easyinbound. We don’t recommend canceling your account with your existing provider until we have advised you that the transition to the easyinbound network is complete.

And don’t forget, we are here to help you through the process at any stage.