Why 1300 numbers

For Startups

As a business with big dreams but limited resources, start-ups will benefit from easyinbound 1300 numbers and related services.

Small Size, Large Reach

A 1300 number and various Routing Options allow your business to project a professional presence to customers. Reduce missed phone calls and provide a higher level of customer support with fewer employees.

Keep Staff Members Mobile and Available

easyinbound Routing solutions allow staff to leave the office and remain available to customers. Work from multiple locations based on your schedule.

Incoming calls can be routed according to either the needs of the caller or of the business. For example, calls can be rerouted based on the customer’s location using State Based Routing or based on the location of the business during a particular time of day or day of the week using Time Based Routing.

Spend Wisely

As a start-up with a limited budget, new technologies and services must be chosen wisely. Use multiple 1300 numbers to track the success of advertising media like local newspapers, magazine advertisements, direct mail, websites or even letter-box drops. Track the success of each advertising number and know where to allocate the marketing budget most effectively based on real data.

Cost Effective

1300 Numbers are low cost and with easyinbound, start-ups will avoid the complicated service plans and costly connection fees of other big-name telecommunications companies.

Recommended Products and Services

Standard Routing

Live Answering Service

State Based Routing

Time of Day Routing

Fax to Email