Australian 1800 Numbers – Voice

easyinbound Australian 1800 numbers provide your callers with a toll-free way to contact you on the phone.

An introduction to toll-free 1800 numbers

1800 numbers provide your callers with a low cost, professional, reliable single number contact for your growing business.

A 1800 number is a single, nationwide available point of contact for your callers to call you at no cost when they call from a landline and some mobile telephone plans.

easyinbound 1800 numbers are a powerful addition to your business because they include a suite of powerful call routing features such as state based routing, time of day routing, recorded announcements and a real-time call reporting portal for instant access to call records, call recordings, and many more metrics that will become invaluable to your marketing as your business grows.

1800 numbers are also known as toll-free and free-call numbers, which means the cost of calling a 1800 number for your callers is free from a landline anywhere within Australia, and free from some mobile plans anywhere within Australia.

What is the difference between 1800 Numbers and 1300 Numbers?

We’re often asked “Is a 1800 number or a 1300 number right for my business?”, and the answer comes down to how you’ll use the number, and who your target customers are.

In our experience, we’ve found that 1300 numbers are generally more appropriate for Consumer-to-Business and Business-to-Business sales and service relationships where your intention is to project a corporate and professional business image to your customers and your suppliers.

As the business owner, 1300 numbers are also cheaper to operate than 1800 numbers.

1800 numbers are often used for product information lines, voluntary inbound surveys, charities, and other situations where its more appropriate for your callers to be able to call you for free from a fixed landline.  Note that calls from a Mobile phone to a 1800 number may still attract charges to the caller from their Mobile provider.

What is the cost to call an Australian 1800 Number?

A call from a landline within Australia to a 1800 number is a free call, and a call from a mobile phone within Australia to a 1800 number is a free call on some plans (your caller needs to check with their provider to confirm the rates they’ll be charged, if any).

What are the benefits of owning a 1800 Number?

1800 Numbers are good for business because they provide callers with a level of comfort that your business is well-established, and that you’re a professional organisation.

Combined with the powerful call routing and reporting tools that easyinbound provides, you’ll be able to capture more leads from your phone channel and impress your callers with a powerful business image which can translate in to increased sales conversions, increased customer retention and happier customers.

My phone system collapsed, my phone line is faulty, or my VoIP phone provider has fallen over! HELP?!

No problem!  Your easyinbound 1800 number can be immediately diverted to an alternate phone number or a voicemail box to make sure you don’t miss any important calls.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and bundle your 1800 number with your phone system supplier.

Can I answer my 1800 number on my mobile phone?

Often businesses that are just starting out will begin by answering their 1800 number calls on a mobile phone. This is a great way to start because you’ve got more control over which customers get to have your personal mobile phone number while you build towards the right time to invest in a small business phone system.

Combined with the time-of-day functionality included with your easyinbound 1800 number, you’ll be able to define the days of the week and working hours you’d like to receive calls on your mobile, and when you’d prefer they are diverted to your included voicemail-to-email box or to the easyinbound Live Answering call centre* (*additional charges apply for Live Answering services).

As your business grows your inbound calling requirements will change.  You might add an additional team member (or more!), at which point your easyinbound 1800 number can be configured to direct your inbound calls to each of your team members simultaneously or in a hunt-group or overflow capacity.