Live Answering Plans

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With easyinbound there is no need to worry about what plan to choose – you may have a busy month or a slow month over a holiday period or when you are not advertising.  Once you use your Base Message Pack we will just automatically add the additional message pack that you need.

You can have just one person listed to answer calls for, or many.  If you have more than one contact or department just pay extra per month depending on how many you need – there is no need to set up an additional service – you can even share the additional call packs across your contacts!

Our live answering telephone operators are based in Australia and New Zealand, and will answer your business phone calls or your missed calls using the greeting you request.  Our live call answering operators can also answer basic questions about your business such as your office address or office hours.


Live Answering Service

Our Live Answering phone operators will answer your calls, and any messages taken will be sent to you by email or SMS. If you have multiple contacts you can add an email or SMS number for each contact.

Messages can also be routed to a specific contact depending on who or what the caller asked for, or to all of your contacts as needed.  All pricing below excludes GST.

Base Call Pack


Included Call Answers: 20

Setup Fee Per Service: $25
Additional Contacts or Departments: $5 per additional

Additional Call Packs


Included Call Answers: 5

Setup Fee Per Service: $25
Additional Contacts or Departments: $5 per additional
Each message includes three pieces of information collected from your caller (e.g. Name, Phone Number, Business Name).  Additional information can be collected from your callers at a cost of $0.25 per additional piece of information per call.
Unused Call Answers expire after the end of each month.
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All pricing excludes GST.