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Stay in touch with customers when the office is closed or staff members are out of the office by using Virtual Office. Incoming phone calls will be answered by one of our trained remote receptionists. The receptionist will then ask the caller who he or she is trying to reach and either direct the caller to a particular staff member or department.

If the staff member does not answer the call or does not wish to answer, the receptionist will take a message and send the name, contact details and short message to the staff member via email and, if desired, SMS.

All messages can also be sent to other assigned email addresses to allow any member of the team to address the inquiry and contact the customer. The receptionist can also offer basic information about your organization, such as business hours or locations, to incoming callers.

Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist / Virtual Assistant

  • A trained receptionist will screen phone calls for staff members in the office and those that are out of the office.
  • When staff are unavailable or the office is closed, a customer will be able to speak to a live person and leave a message or hear basic information about the organisation rather than leaving a voicemail.
  • Customer messages are sent to both the relevant staff member and, if desired, the entire team via email, providing multiple opportunities to address customer inquiries and to deliver high quality customer service.
  • Don’t trust important customer calls to any answering service – our trained receptionists are located in Australia and New Zealand, and English is their native language.
  • Encourages callers to leave their details with a live person rather than leaving a voicemail message.
  • Provides multiple opportunities for staff members to respond to customer inquiries.
  • Staff members do not need to remember contact details; the phone number, email and name of customers can be easily retrieved from SMS or email.
  • Improve customer service in your organisation by staying on top of missed calls and customer questions.

A Live Answering or Virtual Assistant / Virtual Receptionist service can be a perfect fit for many business functions including real estate, small or big business, colleges, trades and services as well as helpdesk, technical services and more!

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