Make faxing easier

With Fax to Email

Fax services from easyinbound take advantage of today’s technology. Our web-based fax services making faxes easy to retrieve and inexpensive.

Benefits of Fax Services from easyinbound:

  • Receive faxes by email
  • Email incoming faxes to multiple staff members
  • Store faxes in your email or on your PC
  • Add a second fax line for confidential messages to the CEO
  • Don’t pay for a fax machine, paper and ink again
  • Don’t pay to change your fax number when moving office locations

Just pay for the number of incoming minutes of Fax Calls answered, no need to worry about the number of pages that you are receiving.

Note: A 1300 number can only operate in Voice or Fax mode. These modes can not be mixed.