Know what your caller wants

Before you answer

What is Call Whisper?

Call Whisper is a feature that plays a short 2-3 second message to a staff member answering a phone call. This message will only be heard by the staff member and never by the original caller.

The message may be used to alert the staff member about where the call is coming from; for example, if the caller has dialed a phone number from a Yellow Pages advertisement or from a print ad or another type of advertising medium. The staff member will then be prepared to address the caller’s needs.

Call Whisper may also be used with the Interactive Voice Response feature to allow a receptionist or other staff member to say a particular greeting based on the phone call (e.g. The caller hears, “Press 1 for Sales Department, press 2 for Account Services” based on the IVR menu, and the receptionist will then know which department the caller is looking for and respond accordingly.)


Benefits of Call Whisper

  • Organisations using multiple phone numbers in order to track advertising media will instantly know why a customer may be calling you; for example, they have read your print advertisement and want to take advantage of the discount listed on the ad.
  • Allow the customer to feel they have dialled the right number by understanding their needs, such as a sales question or customer service enquiry.
  • Remove the guess work from incoming phone calls and improve customer communications.