1300 number and 1800 number standard call routing infographic

easyinbound standard call routing directs all calls to a central number such as your PABX.

An introduction to standard call routing.

Your easyinbound service comes with a standard call route which will deliver all calls to your main phone number which could be your mobile phone or your main office number.

If you don’t answer your mobile phone or main office number, we’ll automatically direct the caller to your easyinbound voice-to-email, where your callers can leave a voicemail message which is recorded and sent to you via email.

The standard routing option can be extended from being very simple to being quite complex by enabling one or more of our other advanced routing options.

How might I use standard routing?

Use case 1:
Your office has a PABX system installed.

Your easyinbound 1300 number directs your calls to your phone number connected to your PABX in the office. Your PABX handles the calls as per its internal configuration.

Use case 2:
You answer your 1300 number calls on your Mobile phone, and would prefer callers don’t hear your mobile phone’s voicemail message when you miss a call. Your missed calls should be answered by easyinbound’s voicemail-to-email system with a greeting customised to your business.

Your easyinbound 1300 number has a voicemail-to-email box included at no additional charge. Using our ‘Press-to-Accept’ technology, you can ensure that a call to your 1300 number you missed on your mobile phone is directed back to easyinbound’s voicemail-to-email system where the caller will hear your customised voicemail greeting.

This allows you to keep your mobile phone voicemail greeting personal, and your 1300 number voicemail configured to suit your business.

What are the benefits of using standard call routing?

Standard call routing enables you to:

  • Keep your callers in touch with your business in a simple way
  • Allow your PABX (if you’ve got one) to handle your internal call routing to your staff members
  • Keep your mobile phone personal voicemail greeting separate to your business voicemail greeting when you answer calls on your mobile